Biblical Detail 'The City That Always Sleeps' LP, Share "Mature Themes"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Jul 28, 2017

Back in February, Biblical announced they had signed to Tee Pee Records to release their sophomore LP The City That Always Sleeps. Now, the Toronto rockers have shared the rest of the album's details, in addition to a new track.

The City That Always Sleeps will arrive September 15 through Tee Pee/New Damage and runs eight tracks in length. You can find the cross-adorned orange cover art above.

As lead vocalist/bassist Nick Sewell explains, the record is "a meditation on buried things — buried ideas, buried feelings, buried people. We're all dragging around ghosts, whether it's someone we've lost or things we think we should have done differently. All the songs on the record riff on that theme."

Ahead of the LP's arrival, the band have shared opener "Mature Themes," which arrives alongside a video. The clip follows a woman who realizes she must kill her father in order to be free of her ghosts.

"We've always preferred story videos that relate thematically, rather than literal interpretations of the song lyrics," Sewell said. "The video for 'Mature Themes' is another tale related to the theme of the record. But this time, it's about being haunted by the fear of failure, and how far one might go to avoid it. 

"The video is based on a short film from 1997 called GO. It was written and directed by my friend Jacob 'Ba' Blackstock, with me in the lead role and he as the ill-fated colleague. It was quite a trip to stumble on this piece after two decades and I knew we had to do something with it."

Pre-order The City that Always Sleeps here, and read through the tracklist to find the video for "Mature Themes" below.

The City that Always Sleeps:

1. Mature Themes
2. The Last Thing I Remember
3. Regicide
4. Fugue State
5. Gallows Humor
6. Spiral Staircase
7. The City that Always Sleeps
8. House of Knives

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