Betty Moon Live At The Rectory

On Betty Moon’s newest EP, what was once a brilliant idea is reborn: harnessing arena rock anthemia to punk’s sense of urgency to create a hybrid of exhilarating rock’n’roll. In a word: alternative rock. The four tracks that make up Live At The Rectory are a stomping tantrum of a sound that encompasses heavy riff rock, scruffy rough and tumble production and wrecking yard tempos. Think Soundgarden by way of the Gits and you’re on the right track. Singer/guitarist Betty Moon groans and spits aggressive melodies beneath a protective layer of echo, while guitarist Travis Cardinal petulantly hammers through one raucous blues riff after another. Both Soundgarden and the Gits had, at their core, roots in classic rock and Betty Moon shares those same attributes, making the cover’s allusion to Live At Leeds that much more believable. The two central tracks, "Good As Gone” and "One In Three,” have all the power of classic arena rock tunes, while not isolating the listener and leaving them feeling like they’re in the nosebleed seats. For those that loved alternative rock before the mega-labels got their hands on it, throw on Live At The Rectory, turn it up and shake your hair in front of your eyes in celebration — Betty Moon have nailed it. (EMI)