Best Fwends "Dream Off"

Best Fwends 'Dream Off'
"Retarded anti-pop music made by two musical idiot savants from Texas with a cheap computer.” Their label’s words, not mine. But I don’t think I couldn't have said it any better — okay, maybe with a little more sensitivity, but these Austin-based "fwends” aren’t your average band (mind you, some might argue that they aren’t even a band). Founded out of boredom by "two ugly nerds” named Anthony and Dustin, Best Fwends feel like an impulsive mistake that was heard by the right people (read: the folks at tastemaking UK label Moshi Moshi). Their self-deprecating humour only contributes to the music’s absurdity, kind of like when you egg on that kid who’ll eat paste to down an entire bottle of Bond Fast. It’s very possible they also have attention deficit disorders too, as their debut album, Alphabetically Arranged, contains 34 songs — each as different as chalk and cheese — in precisely one hour (and yes, they’re all in alphabetical order). I’ll be honest with you, some of the songs can annoy the shit out of you (much like their name), but I think that’s the idea. "Dream Off” may be one of those songs, but to me it’s the joyous sound of 102 hyperactive fist pumps in the air. Zippity guitars dash to rapid fire drums, and those backing vocals, well they’re like a human performing the works of the Texas State Kazoo Orchestra.

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