Best Coast "When Will I Feel Love" (video)

Best Coast 'When Will I Feel Love' (video)
Best Coast singer Bethany Cosentino usually keeps her tunes bright and peppy, despite the occasionally heartbroken lyric. This clip for new Black Iris tune "When Will I Feel Love," however, finds her a little more serious. The song is part of the awareness campaign MTV Exit to end human trafficking.

The video itself initially finds a guy seducing a young girl into a life of glitz and glamour, whisking her away into a rocket ship made of gold and lipstick. The veneer soon vanishes, as she is transported to a world where she is sold into slavery and prostitution. Despite the cutesy animation style, it's a heavy message. Cosentino delivers the harrowing line "I don't know where I'm bound/I just want to be found" over gentle piano plunks and symphony strings.

You can find out more about MTV Exit here.