Beseech Drama

If you fused Type O Negative and Sundown or late-era Cemetary with Gathering-circa-Mandylion female vocals the result would probably be remarkably close to Beseech’s Drama. It’s a great combination, all the elements balancing in complementary bliss. The biggest drawback is that it’s hard to appreciate Beseech as a unique entity, with an identity distinct from their influences and tastes. Drama has more attitude than their previous effort, Souls Highway, which had a tendency to simper at times, and in that respect the new album is a vast improvement. Slightly past midway, Drama hits a high stretch with the goth metal groove of "Bitch” and the über-catchy industrial-isms of "Addicted.” Oddly enough, these highlights are where Beseech sound most like themselves — hopefully they take note for the future. (Napalm)