Berzerker Berzerker

As the world techs up, it's inevitable that extreme music would up its incorporation of computerised/mechanised aspects. If you recall Mighty Force, you'll know that electronic and extreme music doesn't always mix. Adrenalin Junkies don't really do much more with their sequencers, samplers and drum machines than provide a watered down version of Atari Teenage Riot, and without the pseudo-extremist politics, this duo is even less interesting. However, at least they're not Berzerker, who attempt to build a career by lifting riffs from Altar of Madness, the samples left on the floor during the Necroticism... sessions and pumping the drum machine to 200 max. Horrid. CPUWAR constructs inventive, violent, irritating and wholly frightening sounds. The noise produced here is harsh and unforgiving, backed by crazy junglist beats and a lot of "fuck yous." It's similarly easy to picture people dancing their ecstasy wired asses off to this as it is to envision massive pile-ons and slam dancing. Generated X-Ed is the most subdued of this review quartet as they use more conventional and funky beats along with actual structure in the songwriting department. Yeah, the whole album straddles the fence between accessibility and milquetoast, but there are moments of ingenuity, especially with the well-placed samples and the flow most of these tunes have. (Earache)