Bernard O'Neill Echoes and Whispers

British musician and producer Bernard O'Neill weaves an eclectic mix of electronica, jazz and ambient world-beat into this moody, musically rich and seriously downbeat CD. A good showcase of O'Neill's musical talents - he plays double bass, cello, bass guitar, piano and keyboards - Echoes and Whispers is not for electronica purists. Guest musicians include Abdullah Chhadeh (on qanun) and guitarist Neil Stacy, who contribute to a diverse assortment of atmospheric tracks that feature mostly live instrumentation. The title track, "Echoes and Whispers," is a straight piano solo, and "Taxi Drive" is pure jazz, featuring Pip Eastop on French horn. The CD oozes with musical moodiness, if one factors out the up-tempo quirky first track "Same Way Soon." However, by the end I felt as if I had just sat through the soundtrack of a really, really, really sad movie, which made me think Echoes and Whispers is great for ambient music lovers, but devotees of the unceasing electro-beat may want to give it a miss. (Deadly Disk)