Ben Kweller Returns with New LP

Ben Kweller Returns with New LP
Wondering what Ben Kweller's been up to since releasing the country-tinged Changing Horses back in early 2009? Well, here's your answer. The Texas troubadour has been building his record label, the Noise Company, and will release his new album Go Fly a Kite on February 7.

According to a press release, this new album "hits hard with the unforgettably melodic and heartwarming fuzzed-out rock'n'roll that first put Kweller on the map with his debut, 2002's Sha Sha." In other words, look for this LP to be a departure from Changing Horses.

The album cover is above. In case you were wondering, that's the fingering for an E chord.

For a slightly bizarre preview of the album, go to the bottom of this page to stream a mix called "Heads & Tails." It contains the beginning and the end of all 11 songs from Go Fly a Kite, which have been condensed to less than four minutes.

In regards to the new label, Kweller said this in a statement: "We've all been operating within an antiquated system that doesn't work anymore. The Noise Co. is another step in creating my own system. It gives me the opportunity to work directly with people in the industry who were previously 'off-limits'; from ADA [Alternative Distribution Alliance] to manufacturers, to independent promoters, radio programmers to the lady at GS1 who assigned our UPC code that'll appear on all our releases."

He noted, "It's the real deal, not just an artist self-releasing his music. We have a real staff, real funding, real distribution, and I look forward to eventually helping other artists achieve their goals too."

Kweller originally founded the Noise Company back in 2007, and the label co-released Changing Horses alongside ATO Records.

Head & Tails by benkweller