Belly "Might Not" (ft. the Weeknd) (video)

Belly 'Might Not' (ft. the Weeknd) (video)
Earlier this year, the Weeknd hopped onto a cut called "Might Not" from Canadian rapper Belly. Now, that track from Belly's Up for Days mixtape has gotten its own video.

The song features the Weeknd a lot more prominently than Belly, as it sports a thumping hip-hop beat over which the Weeknd croons sensitively about the downfalls of his hedonistic lifestyle. The singer's role in the video is similarly prominent, as we see him surrounded by women while looking dead-eyed and detached. There are shots of scantily clad ladies swimming in a pool, and Belly raps underwater. It was directed by Shomi Patwary, Belly, Erek "E Class" Mateo and Zac Adams.

Watch it below.