Belle and Sebastian Scoring Matthew Perry TV Project 'The Dog Thrower'

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 5, 2014

In addition to plotting out a new album, Glaswegian indie pop outfit Belle and Sebastian have put work into a score for a new TV special starring former Friends actor Matthew Perry called The Dog Thrower.

The news of the score was recently revealed by European broadcaster Sky [via Scotland's Herald/The Playlist] as part of their Playhouse Presents series of 30-minute one-off comedies. Written and directed by Jon Ronson, the special stars Perry as "a man who finds fame, then infamy, when he starts throwing his dog."

An official airing time has yet to be locked down, but the Playhouse Presents series kicks off in May.

Details behind Belle and Sebastian's music for the show are slim, but it's noted that this is an "exclusive score." Going by the show's content, the band may want to revisit their classic "Dog on Wheels" if the mutt in question gets injured after all that tossing.

Belle and Sebastian are no strangers to attaching their music to film, with vocalist/leader Stuart Murdoch's God Help the Girl now hitting the film festival circuit. The band also produced a score to Todd Solondz's Storytelling in 2002.

As for the next Belle and Sebastian full-length, it was reported earlier this year that the outfit could have it our way by the fall. Murdoch had explained that recording sessions are set to go underway this month, one of the songs is called "The Everlasting Muse," and that the set was partially inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest.

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