Belle and Sebastian "Lazy Line Painter Jane" (ft. Jenny Lewis) (video)

Belle and Sebastian 'Lazy Line Painter Jane' (ft. Jenny Lewis) (video)
As great as Writes About Love is, the mystery and wonderment of Belle and Sebastian's early material is something the band can never recreate, though sometimes they come close.

A video clip of the outfit playing golden oldie "Lazy Line Painter Jane," from the 1997 EP of the same name, earlier this month (October 3) at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles features a guest spot from Jenny Lewis, whose Jenny and Johnny opened the show. Stepping in for original vocalist Monica Queen's sweetened soul coo, Lewis does a pretty good job. The girl in the crowd that starts singing loud as hell mid-song, however? Not so much.

While this is clearly great, we would have killed to see Lewis drop a verse on "Photo Jenny" as well.