Belle and Sebastian "Come Monday Night"

Belle and Sebastian 'Come Monday Night'
Though it's technically not a Belle and Sebastian project, if you watch the video below you'll learn that it really is. As we mentioned yesterday, the mastermind of these sweet-hearted Scots, Stuart Murdoch, was inspired to put together this girl group project featuring a range of voices put to arrangements played by B&S members and a 45-piece orchestra.

Well, seeing as it's been a lifetime (read: three years) since they released their last album, 2006's The Life Pursuit, I couldn't resist helping the Girl. Unmistakably B&S, "Come Monday Night" is steeped in lush, comforting strings, just the type of environment for the tender voice of Catherine Ireton, who sings "baby you would sleep much better" on repeat. And when she does, I do get a little sleepy.

If you're hungry for an MP3 of "Come Monday Night," you can get a free download by giving the band your email address at their official site.

God Help the Girl is set for release on June 23 by Matador Records.