Beliefs "Carousel" (video)

Beliefs 'Carousel' (video)
"Carousel" is one of the slower, quieter songs on Beliefs' recent self-titled debut, and now the Toronto shoegaze combo have given the track its own music video.

The song is slow is mellow and hazy, and the accompanying clip is appropriately bleary. It mostly consists of retro-looking, sun-drenches natural images. We see some people enjoying the summery weather and beautiful landscapes, but their faces are obscured by strategic framing and blurry camera work.

It was shot in Australia, and is the second part in director Benjamin Portas' trilogy of videos for Hand Drawn Dracula, the first being Dusted's "Bruises."

Beliefs will perform in Toronto on June 15 as part of Hand Drawn Dracula's NXNE showcase.