At the Devil's Studio 1990

BY Greg PrattPublished Aug 2, 2011

This is about as raw as it gets ― the first "song" on this album is a 1:53 ditty called "Rehearsal," which is just an instrumental recording of the black metal legends messing around. It's insane sounding, and completely useless unless you're a Beherit fanatic. It's admirable that the label gave the green light to have the album open with such a track though and it does provide a warning for the extremely raw recording at hand, which is an early studio session (indeed, this was to be their debut, amazingly enough) by the cult Finnish black band. It's sloppy, the production is brutal and the songs are barely coherent ― this is the bottom of the black barrel, but if you're a Beherit fan, all the above descriptors are a good thing, which, I'd have to agree, they are. For what it's worth, there are a couple of bonus tracks that were never re-recorded to add to this confusing mess and entice the cult legions to come a bit closer, if they dare. This is 26 minutes of very grim music. I approve.
(Hells Headbangers)

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