Behemoth Announce 'Xiadz' EP

Behemoth Announce 'Xiadz' EP
After starting off the year with the release of The Satanist, Polish black metal lords Behemoth have announced they've packaged up a few leftover rites for a new EP. Titled Xiadz, it arrives as a self-released, limited edition 12-inch on November 1.

Facebook post from the band explains that the three-song EP includes two previously unreleased tunes. A-side cut "Nieboga Czarny Xiądz" was tracked during the same sessions as The Satanist, while "Towards the Dying Sun We March" was left over from the group's Evangelion period. Also on the vinyl-only release is a re-recorded version of "Moonspell Rites," with the original having been found on the group's 1994 debut EP And the Forests Dream Eternally.

The limited-edition release is being pressed onto 180-gram vinyl in a few different colour variations; 500 copies will appear on black-gold splatter vinyl, another 500 appear on gold wax, and another 1,000 appear on standard issue black vinyl. You'll find the artwork up above.

Down below, you'll find a quick trailer for the set featuring a demonic, detuned snippet of music. Pre-orders can be found here.


1. Nieboga Czarny Xiądz

2. Moonspell Rites
3. Towards The Dying Sun We March