Behemoth "The Satanist" (video)

Behemoth 'The Satanist' (video)
It's a given that free will is an illusion and we're pretty much all the pawns of someone's great big scheme. Hammering down this bleak, submissive theme is Polish black metal crew Behemoth's new video for the title track to The Satanist.

Directed by Andrzej Dragan, the video stars a confused woman stumbling through streets filled with anonymous drones, whom, we might add, are further obscured with digitally blurred-out faces. As she pieces together her reality, we see that her every move is being watched by some dude with an arsenal of privacy-invading screens. Also disconcerting is an ominous game of chess that seems to dictate humanity's direction. Via a mix of old world rituals and modern day techno-terror, her day only gets worse from there.

Something to chew on, for sure, if you're left questioning any of your actions today. You can ponder your existence while watching the metal band's video down below.