Beheaded Beast Incarnate

Beheaded Beast Incarnate
Beast Incarnate, Beheaded's follow-up to 2012's Never to Dawn, marks the fifth full-length from Malta's long-reigning masters of death metal since they formed in the early '90s. It showcases the classic, old school death metal sound that they've not only maintained but continually honed over the past 25 years, despite multiple line-up changes.
Beast Incarnate features one powerful riff after the other, starting strong with the absolutely crushing title track and carrying on throughout "The Horror Breaths" and "Crossing the House of Knives," which feature inhuman, rapid-fire blast beats. "Reign of the Headless King" and "Punishment of the Grave" contain spell-binding melodies, while dark, heavy grooves anchor "The Black Death" and "Cursed Mediterranean." Beheaded also honour their roots with "Fid-dlam Tadejjem," which is their first track to feature Maltese lyrics.
Throughout, guitarist Omar Grech and bassist David Cachia hold down Beheaded's signature style with songwriting that's deeply thoughtful, yet seems effortless. Beheaded's newest recruits (guitarist Simone Brigo and drummer Davide Billia) reinvigorate the band, while vocalist Frank Calleja continues what he started on Never to Dawn, as Beast Incarnate further highlights his distinct, abrasive tone.
Crisp, top-notch production also adds a modern touch to the record, blending seamlessly with Beheaded's trademark sound. Memorable, impeccably written and executed with exceptionally tight musicianship, Beast Incarnate leaves nothing wanting. (Unique Leader)