Begrime Exemious Visions of the Scourge

Edmonton, AB's kings of all that is horrible return with their second release, and it follows up 2010's Impending Funeral of Man well, with more under-produced, blackened death. I love the raw feel, the drums in particular just falling apart at the seams, the vibe more of demo-level German thrash from '89 than anything else, but run through a blackened filter, a death filter, a modern extremity filter, then thrown back to the '89 thrash hounds for one final scrum. There's also a tossed-off, almost punk vibe to some of the sounds that's reminiscent of the way Autopsy take all of these styles, bring them to the sewer and mush them all up into one big ball of grotesque glory. A huge middle finger to overproduced technical extreme music, Visions of the Scourge is recommended for a true hit of energetic extremity. (Dark Descent)