Bebel Gilberto Remixed

On the heels of last year’s breakthrough, Grammy nominated self-titled album, Bebel Gilberto returns to the material that made her mainstream with a handful of world groove friends. Remixing and re-arranging Gilberto are some of today’s top world lounge producers such as DJ Spinna and Thievery Corporation, and just like every single other remixed Six Degree release with those two producers, it’s simply okay. Gilberto’s versatility as a singer is taken up a notch over some slick electronic beats that exist merely to help you nod your head as you drink an over-priced cocktail. DJ Spinna still brings the same deep trip-hop essence that fits so well with Gilberto’s sensual pipes on "Ceu Distante.” Thievery still bring the same samba/bossa nova medley to go with Gilberto’s Portuguese. Check out some interesting clicky-electro from Nuspirit Helsinki on "Winter,” or Steve Hillier’s folk-ambience on "Next to You.” Although many tracks will have you cursing your skip button for not being closer, the tracks that make you stop and listen are done with the same quality for groove that keep people buying remix records. (Six Degrees)