Bear vs. Shark Right Now, You're In the Best of Hands. And If Something Isn't Quite Right, Your Doctor Will Know In a Hurry

Between the fantasy-writer like lyrics and the Crayola-inspired artwork lays Bear vs. Shark, Michigan’s latest export. A rare mix of solid pop rock, emo and hardcore, BVS’s latest record Right Now You’re in the Best of Hands is a lo-fi experiment that seems to go right. In the same vein as state-mates Small Brown Bike, BVS relies heavily on well structured and sophisticated lyrics, energetic vocals and kooky guitar hooks. With songs like "The Employee is Not Afraid” unfolding to the talk-singing of lead vocalist Marc Paffi, one can’t help but think this is a kind of hybrid of Lemonheads, Jawbreaker and the Pixies. The soft and melodic guitars in "MPS” hint of later Cave In records; "Kylie” is a heart wrenching emo-ish number with interesting guitar sounds. Right Now You’re in the Best of Hands is a definite must for indie rockers looking to get into something that will satisfy their mind as well as their ears. (Equal Vision)