BEAK> "Timeshare"

BEAK> 'Timeshare'
Geoff Barrow is a busy man. The Portishead frontman recently dropped a mysterious "99 Red Balloons" cover, and now he's returning with some new material from his BEAK> side project (not to be confused with that project's side project KAEB).
BEAK> have shared a new song called "Timeshare," which comes from the band's musical contribution to the film Couple in a Hole. The group were responsible for the movie's soundtrack, though it wasn't Barrow's first foray into film — he also composed the score for Ex Machina.
Couple in a Hole premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last year and will be getting a wider release on April 8. BEAK>'s accompanying soundtrack is expected to arrive shortly after that through Barrow's Invada imprint.
Listen to "Timeshare" from the forthcoming soundtrack in the player below.