The Bayonettes We're Doomed

Toronto’s reigning kings and queens of pop-tinged punk rock make a full tilt return with their new EP, We’re Doomed, which sees the band firing up the same melodic fervour and monumental hyperactivity that garnered the Bayonettes acclaim in the underground with their previous Deranged release, Stuck in This Rut. Produced by Chris Hegge (Fucked Up, Career Suicide), We’re Doomed brings something a bit grainier this time around, offering up a bit more spit and a little less polish. There’s a predominant focus on stark social commentary here, and vocalist Zoe Dodd leads her orations into exasperated cracks and snarls that add a deep fire to the hiss and pop of this vinyl release. But despite the doom and gloom of anti-establishment prophesising and the pangs of frustration that slice in and out of the Bayonettes’ lyrical explorations, there’s a pleasant contrast in the incessantly melodic arrangements and spirited boldness. Mary Ann Guiao’s bouncing bass lines provide vicarious throbs while Mark Pesci’s guitar work adds a maniacally pop-addled sensibility, and it’s all tied together and propelled by Bennett Jones-Phillips’ sharp drumming. It makes for an EP that sees the Bayonettes edging ever further into manic twists and up-tempo tantrums, ultimately making the band’s momentum more and more frantic with every urgent outburst. (Deranged)