BY Matt MernaghPublished Dec 1, 1999

Who wouldn’t want a memento of one of Bauhaus’s better shows from 1998’s Resurrection tour. Thankfully, they chose New York and not the piss poor Toronto outing. Gotham finds the band still infatuated with each other, the music, makeup, frilly clothes and goth attire that would wane before they reached Toronto. With their mystique completely ruined, the band have nothing left to offer but a package of songs that haven’t reached their “sell by” date yet. Some will never age, such as “Bela Legosi’s Dead,” “In the Flat Field” and “Kick in the Eye.” They will never offer anything better, even the studio cover of Dead Can Dance’s “Severance” can’t measure up to “Ziggy Stardust” or “Telegram Sam.” Hopefully, this will help fill their retirement chest so they don’t get desperate enough to actually put out a new studio album.

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