Baths Tides Fans Over with 'Pop Music/False B-Sides'

Baths Tides Fans Over with 'Pop Music/False B-Sides'
Electro wunderkind Will Wiesenfeld has already earned an impressive buzz with his Bathsproject, and even found time to start a side-project, Geotic. Now, he's getting ready to compile some rare Baths recordings, Pop Music/False B-Sides.

These 13 tracks have yet to see a widespread release, having previously only been available at the merch table on tour earlier this year. Now, thanks to Anticon, the collection will be available commercially in July.

UPDATE: The record is now out via Anticon.

This isn't the official follow-up to last year's celebrated Cerulean, but it will help tide fans over until Wiesenfeld drops that "darker and more introverted" LP he's been talking about.

Of Pop Music/False B-Sides, he told The Blue Indian, "It's original songs that happened after Cerulean. It's sort of like an umbrella release for all those different things."

See the tracklist below, and read Exclaim!'s recent interview with Wiesenfeld here, in which the synth whiz discusses his next official album.

Thanks to FACT for the tip.

Pop Music/False B-Sides:

1. "Pop Song"
2. "Overseas"
3. "Nordic Laurel"
4. "Tourian Courtship"
5. "Somerset"
6. "Seaside Town"
7. "Tatami"
8. "Flux"
9. "Stupor"
10. "Iniuria Palace"
11. "Lovesick Synthetic"
12. "The Vapors"
13. "Damnation"