Bastard Child Death Cult Year Zero

Toronto, ON's hardcore scene has seen an abundance of acts emerge as of late but very few of them posses the ferocity and noise-polluted aggression of Bastard Child Death Cult. Although the band have existed for a short period of time, their members are all too familiar with the underground rock scene, as most of them are affiliates of Hog Town warriors like Cancer Bats, Hell Yeah Fuck Yeah and Damn 13. Armed with a crushing style of d-beat hardcore, similar to Discharge and Tragedy, this debut release is bursting with intensity, primarily on "Coffin Dragger," "Dead to Me Now" and the sludgy "American Graveyard." Additionally, former Cursed/current Burning Love vocalist Chris Colohan lends his distinctive bellow to the onslaught of sound throughout the album. Year Zero is a powerful and rabid effort that masochistically assaults listeners before leaving them wanting more. (Stereo Dynamite)