Basia Bulat "Fool"

Basia Bulat 'Fool'
Basia Bulat is handing out more Good Advice ahead of releasing her forthcoming album of the same name. A list of relationship do's and don't's have come packaged as a spit-shined and sparkly pop tune called "Fool," which is streaming now.

As previously reported, Bulat's next LP was produced by My Morning Jacket's Jim James, and the sonics for the song are flush with fuzzy keyboards, hard-hitting but minimalist snare paps, and chiming guitars.

There's a slight tremor in Bulat's vocals, which helps her explain her lovelorn situation to some pals. Despite some tough times, she asserts: "I'm still your fool."

You can hear the track below, while the rest of Bulat's Good Advice will be dished out February 12 via Secret City Records.