Barzin Recruits Sandro Perri, Tony Dekker for New LP

Barzin Recruits Sandro Perri, Tony Dekker for New LP
It's been several years since we called Barzin's 2009 album Notes to an Absent Lover "emotionally ragged but musically flawless," and now the Toronto songwriter is ready to follow it up. To Live Alone in That Long Summer is due out on February 25 through Monotreme Records.

The album was produced by Sandro Perri and features guest appearances from Tony Dekker (Great Lake Swimmers) and Daniela Gesundheit (Snowblink).

A press release notes that the album was originally conceived to be a stripped-down affair, but woodwinds and cinematic textures eventually made their way into the album. The PR also sates, "While still embracing a relatively minimalist aesthetic, songs that alternate between up and down-tempo are replete with arrangements that envelope the listener like the warm glow of fading daylight."

In a statement, Barzin said, "I feel I've been trying to make this album since I first started making records."

Go here to stream or download the softly reflective, pitter-pattering opener "All the While."

To Live Alone in That Long Summer:

1. All the While
2. Without Your Light
3. In the Dark You Can Love This Place
4. Stealing Beauty
5. Fake It 'til You Make It
6. In the Morning
7. You Were Made for All of This
8. Last Summer
9. it's Hard to Love Blindly