Barzin "Queen Jane" (Secret Sessions @ TARA)

Barzin 'Queen Jane' (Secret Sessions @ TARA)
Though Toronto's Barzin is probably now best known as Tony Dekker's other band, the Toronto-based project existed long before the Great Lake Swimmer front-man got involved. The brainchild of Barzin Hosseini, collaborators have come and gone since the band's inception in 1995. Since then Hosseini has released a trio of albums including this year's Notes to an Absent Lover on which the original version of "Queen Jane" appears.

Hosseini offered up this live version of the track at the fifth instalment of the Audio Recording Academy's "Secret Sessions." Given the rather low-key nature of the band's indie-folk, the sessions are the perfect showcase for its recent foray into less atmospheric, more melodic territory.