Baroness 'Ultraviolet (Making Purple)' (documentary)

Baroness 'Ultraviolet (Making Purple)' (documentary)
After recently seeing some behind-the-scenes footage of Baroness laying down their "Chlorine & Wine" in the studio, the back-in-action Georgia State band have offered up a mini-documentary behind the making of their forthcoming Purple LP.

"Did I make the right choice," guitarist/vocalist John Baizley asks early on in the vid, wondering whether or not it might've been a better idea to have taken up a less artistic day job. Later, we find band members laying down guitar, drum and cello tracks. Baizley goes on to explain that the from-the-heart experience was, indeed, the right decision.

He reiterates: "I know what we're doing is good, it's good for us."

As previously reported, Baroness tracked Purple at Cassadaga, NY's Tarbox Road Studios earlier this year with producer Dave Fridmann (the Flaming Lips, Sleater-Kinney). You'll find the video of that time together down below.

Purple, meanwhile, lands December 18 through Baroness's own Abraxan Hymns imprint.