The Baptist Generals Announce First Album in 10 Years

The Baptist Generals Announce First Album in 10 Years
It's been 10 years since Denton, TX's the Baptist Generals issued their Sub Pop debut No Silver/No Gold, but the band are now ready to deliver a follow-up. The record's called Jackleg Devotional to the Heart, and it drops May 21.

According to a press release, the album was a longtime coming, seeing as songwriter Chris Flemmons had initially tackled the tracks in 2005, but he was left unhappy with his demos. This latest attempt was produced by the group's Jason Riemer and engineer Stuart Sikes (White Stripes, Cat Power) at the Cigar Box and Elmwood Studios in Oak Cliff, TX. Apparently, the rest of the Generals had to convince Flemmons to let them take control of the recording, with the act using the demos as guidance and tracking their parts without their leader in the studio.

The folky set was described by Flemmons as his "love album," though the vocalist/guitarist is keeping the details on the lyrics close to his chest. "It might be saying a lot, or nothing at all," he allowed in a statement.

Jackleg Devotional to the Heart is reportedly full of vibraphones, guitarrons and ambient feedback, with Sikes even getting credit for playing the "waterphone." You can sample the Crazy Horse-inspired album track "Dog That Bit You" in the player down below.

Jackleg Devotional to the Heart:

1. Machine En Prolepsis
2. Dog That Bit You
3. Clitorpus Christi
4. Turnunders and Overpasses
5. Oblivion
6. 3 Bromides
7. Broken Glass
8. Snow on the FM
9. Floating
10. My O My
11. Morning of My Life
12. Oblivion Overture