Banks "Better" (video)

Banks 'Better' (video)
Los Angeles R&B Goddess Banks has returned to deliver a new tune for the faithful. Though details on her sophomore LP are slim, "Better" is its first single, and you can stream the darkened pop piece in a newly unleashed video.

The visuals are cold and complicatedly eroticized in light of the down-spirited narrative of the single. Here, we see hands crossing over clammy, naked flesh in a cavernous, ill-lit locale, while Banks appears gold-plated in other scenes.

Banks is still exploring pitch-shifted vocal loops, and her lyrics seem to expose a lies-loaded situation. A love triangle is addressed via the chorus' "I can love you better than she can."

"Better" is also available now through streaming services Apple Music and Spotify. Banks' next album is reportedly due in 2016.