Band Contract

Band Contract
When bands stay together for a long time, they seem to gather up equipment (PA system, tour van, merch, etc.) without necessarily planning what will happen if the band splits up or members leave. What would be a good strategy to save months and years of unresolved tension regarding gear and other "band possessions"? Should bands be writing up some sort of "band will" in preparation for their likely future ending?

Kirk Trew

Hi Kirk,



P.S. What I mean is, you should consider drafting a band agreement that sets out who owns what, especially if it's stuff that the band paid for with money from gigs or whatever. A good rule is that what each band member brings to the band, they take out when they leave. I think it's fair that if, say, you agree to buy gear and everyone gives up money they would have taken home from gigs to pay for it, then when one band member leaves, the remaining members should buy out her share. At the very least, you should take notes as you go about who owns what and who paid for what.

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