Bahamadia BB Queen

It's been a while since heads have been blessed with a healthy dose of the earthy intriguing presence of Bahamadia. Over the past few years her distinctive voice has been heard on tracks by Roni Size, the Herbaliser and Toronto's own Mathematik, but this EP represents her first official project since she dropped Kollage back in '96 when she rolled with Gang Starr. Now hooked up with burgeoning label Good Vibe, Bahamadia's EP represents a logical musical progression and retains her uniquely characteristic voice. Issuing syllables in her distinctively calm rapid-fire staccato the Philly native shines on "Special Forces" with Chops of the Mountain Brothers, Planet Asia & Rasco, and Slum Village guest on the throbbing "One-4-Teen (Funky For You)" with Slum Village. Topical fare like "Commonwealth (Cheap Chicks)," a worthy follow-up to her own "True Honey Buns," and the pertinent insightful social commentary of "Beautiful Things" demonstrate her versatility and sharp intellect. Given the instrumentals and cameos, BB Queen is disappointingly short, yet the retention of a holistic soulful sound, even on the drum & bass excursion "Pep Talk," makes BB Queen's tease a worthwhile indulgence. (Good Vibe)