Bad Religion Prep New Maps of Hell Reissue

Bad Religion Prep <i>New Maps of Hell</i> Reissue
Bad Religion have posted a trailer for the upcoming re-issue of their 2007 album New Maps of Hell. While it may seem like excessive marketing for an unnecessary product, the new version of the album promises to have more bonus material than an anarchist can shake a stick at.

According to the the trailer, New Maps of Hell, which will hit shops on July 8, includes "expanded packaging," a bonus CD featuring seven acoustic tracks, two double-sided fold out posters and an exclusive DVD featuring a full live concert and two music videos.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, guitarist Brett Gurewitz explained the re-release, saying: "I've always wanted to try this. The reason was to try and give something extra. The band's had lots and lots of records, so it becomes a little harder to make each one special. I think this is number 17 for us. We made the record, we're proud of it, we said 'Hey, let's do all this stuff and reissue it.'

"We did on this one because it was to create some value in a CD. Music is so widely available now — even though Greg says his son loves CDs, I've found that most kids I know don't want a CD even if you give it to them for free. They love the music, but they just want to get it on their iPod. They don't care much for silver circles. Really what it's about is: here is the CD, but here's some really nice artistic content you can have. It's not just a cheap piece of plastic. There's some posters, you got all the lyrics, you've got a DVD which is beautifully shot with seven cameras of the set we did when first releasing the album. It's a new paradigm. I don't know exactly what's happening with the music industry, but it may be that the album format itself is dying, or maybe that the album format isn't dying but the CD is dying with nothing to replace it yet."

New Maps of Hell is the 14th full-length from the California punk pioneers. A 15th album seems not too far off as bassist Jay Bentley and drummer Brooks Wackerman have confirmed that the band are set to record in the spring of 2009 once front-man Greg Graffin finishes up a teaching sting at UCLA, which he begins in January. They are hoping for a June release 2009 release.