Bad Religion "True North" (video)

Bad Religion 'True North' (video)
Bad Religion are hitting the road in the coming months in support of their new album, True North, and now the veteran punk group have released a video for the album's title track.

The clip for this hard-charging punk scorcher shows a young punk listening to True North on vinyl as he gets ready to go out. He laces up his Chucks and throws on a jacket while pausing briefly to pick up his sticks and drum along on his knees. It's a true-to-life clip that feels almost voyeuristic.

Director Zach Merck said in a statement, "I wanted the video to simply capture a feeling that every single one of us has had throughout our years. This is a band that has directly influenced generation after generation of punk rockers, and punk music in its truest form is something that we have and understand that the masses never will. There is something very special and personal about discovering the music on a new album, especially with Bad Religion, so that's what this video concept became — that intense private moment that happens to all of us…alone with our music, inspired by the against the world."

You can watch the clip over at Rolling Stone.