The Bad Plus Never Stop

The Bad Plus have been kicking it for ten years, with a career that could be easily mistaken for an onslaught, crashing through a repertoire ranging from Ornette Coleman to Aphex Twin to Black Sabbath, Queen and jazz standards. These guys are omnivorous, to say the least. Never Stop, however, is an album of originals that, not surprisingly reflects this nature quite admirably and, in some cases, quite humorously. For example, "The Radio Tower Has a Beating Heart" has a repeating figure reminiscent of "Old Man River" while galloping merrily in the wake of McCoy Tyner ― quite funny. But, all things considered, this release is predominantly an imaginative, confident offering of jazz piano trio laced with strength, tightness of sound and execution that reflects the past decade of constant recording and performance. The Bad Plus are still kickin' and have more to burn, obviously. And, oh, yes, a big plus for recording "Bill Hickman At Home" on an out of tune piano! (eOne)