Bad Brains Detail 'Into the Future'

Bad Brains Detail 'Into the Future'
Late last month, classic DC hardcore godfathers Bad Brains announced their next album, Into the Future, their first new LP in five years. With that November 20 release date creeping ever so closer, the band and Megaforce Records have now offered up more insight into what to expect.

First up, you'll note that the album art for the set showcases the Lion of Judah surfing the rings of Saturn, courtesy of artist Shepard Fairey. The religious symbol was also featured on the cover's to 1995's God of Love and 2007's Build a Nation.

The self-produced album features 13 new songs that bassist Daryl Jennifer has previously called "the purest Bad Brains recording since the ROIR cassette." You can sample the title track down below, which features H.R. crooning spacily over a circle-pit-inducing rhythm.

You'll note the closing track is called "MCA Dub," and appears to be a tribute to their friend, tourmate and former producer, the late Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys.

Into the Future:

1. Into the Future
2. Popcorn
3. We Belong Together
4. Youth of Today
5. RubADub Love
6. Yes I
7. Suck Sess
8. Jah Love
9. Earnest Love
10. Come Down
11. Fun
12. Maybe a Joyful Noise
13. MCA Dub