Bad Boy Joe/Various Club Anthems 2

Let’s discard for an instant the distasteful nature of the word "anthem” in any musical style, the implied total lack of subtlety. Is there another word that might instead sum up this comp? Big? Summery? Pride Weekend-y? Very good? Not very good? Perhaps all of the above. Whistling on a dance track wasn’t ever cool, with the possible exception of Frankie Knuckles’ "The Whistle Track” and then only for five minutes, so there is little to prevent a total swerve of Carolina Marquez’ inappropriately named "Killer’s Song.” The fact this follows what amounts to a Hall and Oates remix is, well, not a good sign. But, yet, the report card isn’t all bad. Starting off with David Morales’ big summer tune "How Would You Feel,” Gadjo’s "So Many Times” follows later on and Alter Ego’s "Rocker,” which if you haven’t heard it, is worth checking out, even if in the form of Eric Prydz’ lesser remix. Still, as the silly love songs cover that is Jen Cuneta’s "Come Rain Come Shine” kicks in, it’s hard not to feel it could all be a little less screamingly obvious and a little less anthemic. (Ultra)