Bad Astronaut Houston: We Have a Drinking Problem

If the first disc from Lagwagon vocalist Joey Cape's side-project confused fans of his well-known SoCal melodic hardcore band, Bad Astronaut's sophomore effort should have them completely disoriented. More a collective project than a band that will touring anytime soon, Cape and his space cadets take full advantage of the studio to create music that while sounding familiar - thanks mostly to Cape's easily recognisable vocals - is a radical departure from his day job. It's definitely rock'n'roll, and it's definitely filled with well-written songs, but to hear Cape crooning over lush orchestral compositions is a bit of a stunner, which is made even more so by the fact that it actually works. The 12 original tracks and two obscure covers (the Posies' "Solar Sister" and Armchair Martian's "Break Your Frame") are not easily digestible nuggets of pop punk, but this is music that demands and deserves to be listened to. (Honest Don’s)