Baby Woodrose Blows Your Mind!

Before emerging as one of Denmark’s hardest hitting new psych-garage power trios, Baby Woodrose was merely the solo studio side project of On Trial drummer Guf Lorentzen, who was aching to get out from behind the kit, strap on a guitar and step up to the microphone. Good thing he did, too, as he ended up writing, performing and producing this reverb-soaked, rock solid full-length document that betters so much of the ’60s material that obviously inspired its creation. The CD was originally issued in 2001 via Lorentzen’s own Pan Records label but is now enjoying wider release through Bad Afro. Though not entirely dissimilar from veteran unit On Trial’s Nuggets-worthy output, the majority of tracks on Baby Woodrose’s debut are typified by catchy hooks, punctual ferocity, anthemic lyrics and an unmistakable measure of soul. Despite the glut of neo-psych garage rock out there these days, Blows Your Mind! lives up to its name and makes Denmark seem a closer to Detroit than any atlas might suggest. (Bad Afro)