Baby Band Dance with Their Pets in "Skeptics & Chill" Video

There's a dog, a cat and even a snake
Baby Band Dance with Their Pets in 'Skeptics & Chill' Video
If there's any group who have been benefiting from everyone going on coronavirus lockdown, it's people's pets, who've certainly been enjoying the round-the-clock company. Toronto lo-fi jangle rockers Baby Band are among the many Canadian musicians who have been spending quality time with their furry (and scaly) friends, as you can see in their new video for "Skeptics & Chill."

"Skeptics & Chill" is the lead single from Baby Band's debut EP How to Cope, due in May, and features plenty of fuzz, riffs and pop harmonies, with daubs of surf and garage in the mix for good measure.

The video finds the quartet playing their instruments, dancing around their rooms, drinking wine in the bathtub, and palling around with their various animal companions, including multiple cats, a dog and even a snake.

Watch the fun clip for "Skeptics & Chill" below.

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