Babe Rainbow Preps New Tape Release for 1080p

Babe Rainbow Preps New Tape Release for 1080p
If it seems as if Babe Rainbow only just released an album, that's because he did. But with Falling Apart barely a month old, the Canadian electronic composer has already announced his next collection.

It's called Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos, and it will be out on Cassette Store Day (September 27) through Vancouver tape label 1080p. That's the comically schlocky teaser image above and the tracklist below.

As the title indicates, the 40-minute album consists of material written for piano (or sometimes multiple pianos). In that sense, this sounds like it might be along the lines of the music he released under his given name, Cameron Reed, when he briefly scrapped his prismatically cherubic moniker last year. In fact, new album track "Slip Into" was originally released during that phase; hear it at the bottom of this page.

On top of the new tape release, don't forget that the extremely busy Reed also apparently has a film score underway.

Music for 1 Piano, 2 Pianos, & More Pianos:

A1. Britt's Decision
A2. Car Ambient #3
A3. Car Ambient #1 (Original)
A4, Nova Scotian (Sketch)
A5. Slip Into
A6. Minnesota Winter
B1. A Drunk Man's Lament
B2. Something To Replace
B3. Barely (Exercise)
B5. Flock (Meditation)
B6. Car Ambient #1 (All Piano Version)