Babe Rainbow Announces Full-Length Debut 'Falling Apart,' Shares Album Art

Babe Rainbow Announces Full-Length Debut 'Falling Apart,' Shares Album Art
Though he dumped his old Babe Rainbow moniker last year to work under his birth name, Cameron Reed has now revealed he's set to give the pseudonym another chance for his debut album.

The Toronto-based electronic music maker has yet to deliver the details in full, but Reed confirms to Exclaim! that he'll be issuing Falling Apart via Kinky Beggar this summer as Babe Rainbow. While the artist issued a number of online singles and mixes, this will be the first official Babe Rainbow record since 2011's Endless Path EP for Warp Records and also his first full-length album.

While neither a tracklisting nor samples from the set have been shared just yet, Reed has let loose the cover art to Falling Apart. The image is a still from a 1971 performance by Canadian artist Tom Sherman in which he hyperventilated until he passed out. Sherman has done the experiment a few times, recreating it again in 2011.

"I saw a screening of the performance and was absolutely stunned," Reed explains. "Breathing so deep, it's a sigh, it's relaxing. Calming, even. This action as self-induced suffocation was very affecting."

While we wait for the full details on Falling Apart to arrive, you can check out one of Sherman's influential performances over here.