Babe Rainbow Screwed Mixtape

Babe Rainbow <i>Screwed</i> Mixtape
When he's not making terrifying post-dubstep for the witch house age, Babe Rainbow (aka Cameron Reed) immerses himself in modern rap music. It's a combination of tastes that comes together perfectly in the chopped and screwed phenomenon, where rap songs are slowed down drastically to take on a new identity. Babe Rainbow has done just that with his new Screwed mixtape.

As Reed explains, "My buddy Mike (CFCF) and I were talking about doing an all chopped and screwed night during Pop Montreal and I got all excited so I screwed up these tracks."

No word on their possible Pop Montreal plan, but the mix, which includes everyone from Nas to Soulja Boy, can be enjoyed here.


1. "Wake Up, Mr. Flowers - Lil B"
2. "Hit U Up - Lil Wayne feat Hot Boyz"
3. "Return of the G - Outkast"
4. "Life's A Bitch - Nas"
5. "Ready To Die - Notorious BIG"
6. "Not A Stain - Jhi-Ali"
7. "S.O.D. Money Gang - Soulja Boy"
8. "Silence - Company Flow"
9. "Paradise - G-Side"
10. "Mommy, What's a Gravedigga - Gravediggaz"
11. "Up - Tyler, the Creator with Domo Genesis & Hodgy Beats"