Babe Rainbow "Ambient 3" demo (ft. Grimes)

Babe Rainbow 'Ambient 3' demo (ft. Grimes)
Increasingly prolific Vancouver beatsmith Babe Rainbow (aka Cam Reed) clearly has no shortage of unreleased material cluttering up his hard drive, and the dude is currently in the mood for some spring cleaning. Up next is a rough demo he prepped a couple years back as a collaboration with electro-pop wunderkind Grimes called "Ambient 3."

"Back in late 2010 while working on the Endless Path EP, I sent a few demos to Claire [Boucher] to see if she'd be interested in providing vocals," Reed said of his Grimes team-up on his SoundCloud page. "Here's one of those tracks. It's a really rough demo that'll probably stay a really rough demo, but I still think it's very pretty."

Suitably, the song plays it ethereal and chill via new age synths, wrinkly rhythms and Grimes' wordless whispers. The serene number would be perfect to score your trip to some idyllic, mist-filled jungle, or maybe it could act as the soundtrack to an Ambien-assisted comedown from a dank, all-night warehouse party. Take your pick.