'The Babadook' Score to Receive Vinyl Release

'The Babadook' Score to Receive Vinyl Release
It used to be that Mister Babadook only introduced himself through our picture books, but now the freaky creature from Aussie horror film The Babadook will be creeping his way into our homes via an upcoming vinyl soundtrack release. Waxwork Records is more than happy to have Jed Kurzel's score haunting our turntables at some point, though a release date is as-yet unclear.

The release was recently announced by the label through its Instagram account, which featured a quick teaser trailer. It's steered by the sounds of Kurzel's unsettling, childhood-corrupting music box arrangement, as well the gravelly cry of the titular monster. For sanity-related reasons, we are praying that the soundtrack release doesn't actually stream the latter through our speakers.

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Release details, from album artwork to coloured vinyl options, have yet to be released. You'll find a proper movie trailer for the 2014 feature down below.

Kurzel is a member of Australian rock duo the Mess Hall, but has provided scores to documentary Naked on the Inside, TV show Spirited, and feature films including The Babadook, Snowtown and Dead Europe.