B.A. Johnston Performs "Jesus is from Hamilton"

B.A. Johnston Performs 'Jesus is from Hamilton'
Steeltown singer B.A. Johnston stopped by the Exclaim! office to perform a couple of tracks last summer and now that his new album Hi Dudes! is ready to go, we thought we'd share a couple more clips from his Exclaim! TV session.

If you haven't already, check out B.A. as a pirate performing "Pay Me in Stolen Treasure" and "How Many T-Bone Steaks Can I Cram In The Waist Band of My Uniform?" over here.

Digging a bit further back in his catalogue, you can now see B.A.'s classic tune "Jesus is from Hamilton." Though Argos fans may find the track a little bit offensive, it's hard not to laugh at the story of Christ himself helping the Ti-Cats beat the Argonauts by "a trillion points" and then setting locusts on a dude at a bar.