Azealia Banks Has a Terrifying Witchcraft Closet Where She Slaughters Chickens

BY Josiah HughesPublished Dec 30, 2016

Like most years in her brief career, Azealia Banks has had one hell of a newsmaking run in 2016. The divisive rapper was most recently beefing with a Crowe, and it turns out she's also been killing chickens this whole time.

The performer shared a handful of videos on her Instagram where she detailed a disgustingly messy closet. It's a spot where she claims she's spent the last three years sacrificing chickens.

Banks claims the birds were slaughtered in the name of "brujeria," which is a form of witchcraft. Before scraping the chicken corpse filth from her floor, she said, "Real witches do real things."

If you must, you can watch the nightmare-inducing Azealia Banks video below and just imagine what Morrissey's reaction would be.

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