Ayoni Iridescent

Ayoni Iridescent
Ayoni is an intriguing artist with an fascinating project. Much like the title for the Barbados-born singer-songwriter's debut album, her sound is luminous. It draws on a high-minded perspective with a grounded vibe.
One detects in the enjoying opening track, "Wife You Up," vocal elements gleaned from her more famous Bajan compatriot Rihanna. Ayoni's musical approach feels dipped in sounds of pop and R&B — leaning in on her Lorde and Adele influences to speak on topics of sexism, womanhood, spirituality and racism she's faced as a dark-skinned woman.
The artist and multi-instrumentalist is mindful and melodic; a song like "Divine" stands up for the marginalized citizens of the world, while pop-minded tracks like the layered "Santa Monica" and  "September" are simply too great sonically and production-wise to be overlooked.
Ayoni has noted that the project was all about finding oneself, particularly for people that have been traditionally overlooked and underappreciated. Iridescent uplifts, inspires and sparkles in its own unique frequency. (Independent)