Ave Maria Chapter I

Behind attractive design, the paper coarse and coloured in dim shades, Ave Maria stand out as a psychedelic black metal band. Chapter I is the debut full-length offering from these Bavarians, following their 2008 demo, Doctrines of Desolation. "The Trembling Eye" begins with the sound of a cheap effects pedal, slow and doomy. Things clear up and get heavy on "Coitus Behind Moral Walls," while the Darkthrone-esque "Shining Toxic" is a sonic, primitive venture. Lyrics in sharp rasps and clean vocals spew stories fuelled by sex, blasphemy, brimstone and "coma gods." This is evident on "Tongues," where graphic imagery is paired with the gentle strum of minor chords. Ave Maria paint a grim picture for those seeking a recycled approach to a combination of elements on Chapter I. Their abstract modus operandi is not only reflected in the watercolour image on the disc, but in their raw attempt to integrate the same feeling in their music. (Ahdistuksen Aihio)